by Stephen Ward


In today’s modern world addiction can take on many different guises. While most people are familiar with addictions to substances such as illegal drugs, alcohol nicotine and gambling, it is also possible to become addicted to prescription medication, food, sex, shopping, spending, television and even the internet.


Whatever the addiction, the symptoms and behaviours that result from that addiction can cause untold anxiety and stress for an individual, and also for their family, friends and colleagues. Far too often, people that struggle with an addiction of any sort are stigmatized and labelled and this, along with the physical symptoms of addiction, can make it extremely difficult for that person to overcome their problems.


Why do people become addicted?

What causes a person to become addicted to a substance or behaviour is a matter of debate; some psychologists describe an addictive personality type whereas another school of thought suggests that the root cause of addiction is in a person’s attempt to fulfil an inner need through an external source or substance. Another cause of addiction could be an attempt by a person to anesthetise or dull inner emotional pain caused by a traumatic incident or life experience.


Most people, at any given time, are searching for something to fulfil them in some way. People seek love, money, attention, gratification, validation – the list is endless. However, life as we know it today has become fixated on external pleasures, for example, new possessions, a job with status, the ‘perfect’ relationship etc.


When we seek fulfilment from a source outside of ourselves, we are entering into a losing game; possessions, status or another person will never be able to fill any void within us completely. So we carry on searching, buying, consuming or using in a desperate attempt to eventually fill the void.

Emotional freedom begins on the inside…

We can look within ourselves to find the sense of fulfilment that each and every one of us desires. When you turn within, you may find that, at long last, you are searching in the right place. It is possible to learn how to remove the internal or emotional pain that so many people experience throughout their lives with the Mace Energy Method.


The Mace Energy Method has proved to be successful in treating people suffering from an addiction. MEM can help a person to deal with destructive habits and thought patterns that may be at the root of an addiction, without the need for self-disclosure, guilt or shame.



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