Creating A Healthy Body Image


by Stephen Ward


Never before have people’s body’s been under so much public scrutiny as they are today. The rise in the popularity of the internet, online newspapers, blogs and celebrity gossip columns means that people can anonymously (and often cowardly) leave messages scrutinizing the physical appearances of people in the public eye. While it is true that both male and females are scrutinized in this way, very often it is women’s bodies that receive the most vicious scrutiny.


People decide that other people are too fat, too thin, too old looking, to overdone with cosmetic surgery – the list goes on – and with the rise in airbrushing of the pictures we see online or in advertisements, it is easy for many people to form the belief that their body is not good enough, imperfect or even downright ugly.


Many people, both men and women, enter into a relationship of self-loathing with their body, hating they way they look because they can never match up to the airbrushed perfection of the models they see in magazines or because they have taken on board people’s scathing comments about the less than perfect parts of other people’s bodies.


Poor body image, depression and self-esteem


Poor body image does not always stem from the images we see in the media, it may have its roots in a childhood trauma such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse or it may have been handed down by a parent who also had a poor body image. Women are particularly vulnerable to creating a distorted image of their body because of society’s focus on female attractiveness and, in particular, the way the female body is perceived as a woman reaches the aging process.


Being constantly preoccupied or concerned with the shape of you body can be detrimental to your mental health and well-being, in fact poor body image can contribute to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and depression. The experience of self-hatred can be like constant mental and emotional torture for the person and may prevent them from taking part in, or enjoying, physical or social activities. A person with poor body image may feel shame about the way they look to the point where it can take over their life.


While we can change, to some extent, the way we look on the outside with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it is more difficult to change the way we feel about our body on the inside, and it is important to note that even slim people can suffer from low self-esteem because of poor body image – this is not something that only affects those who are overweight.


The Mace Energy Method (MEM) has helped many people that experience poor body image, low self-esteem, anxiety and lack of confidence, to once again feel good about themselves and their bodies. Taking caring of their health and their bodies becomes a natural self care activity. If you would like to discover the potential of MEM for helping you with any of these issues, please contact us for more information.



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