Efficiency, Productivity & Decision Making


by Sean Redmond


This MEM procedure concerns your personal productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in all activities in your life. It’s designed to optimise your performance, both generally and in relation to specific areas of your life. Every activity that we undertake, from baking a cake to handling a corporate merger, involves four fundamental stages: a decision to do it, starting it, persevering with it and finishing it. In other words, a decision followed by a beginning, middle and end.


Some people have difficulty making decisions and are so busy trying to make up their mind that life and opportunities pass them by. Some people are good at making decisions but find it hard to actually start doing something and can always find some reason for not starting, some excuse for putting it off. Others have no problem starting things but struggle to persevere and see them through to the end and they’re often surrounded by unfinished projects and have lots of ‘balls in the air’. And some people are fine with making decisions, starting things and persevering but have difficulty finishing things and, importantly, knowing when something is finished, when enough is enough. They continually tinker with projects, not recognising that they’ve finished, like an artist who just can’t leave a painting alone and continually changes things in it.


Everything we do contains this fundamental activity cycle within it. For example, dinner involves deciding to have a meal, preparing and cooking the food, eating the cooked meal and finishing it (knowing when you’ve had enough). The same cycle is also present at the ‘micro’ level within a wider activity – for example, cooking the food for dinner in the above example contains the same four elements as the whole process of having dinner. This cycle runs through every activity, from the most mundane to the most complex, and if there’s any difficulty in any of these elements then our performance in the activity in question will be compromised, sometimes severely.


MEM addresses each of the activity elements with regard to you personally and your life in general and then addresses them in specific areas of your life as well, such as your work or studies, family life, social life, spiritual life, sporting activities, hobbies and any other area that you wish to focus on. By eliminating any problems in any of the four elements of the activity cycle, your control is restored and your performance is optimised.


This MEM procedure can be applied to any activity carried out by an individual, a group or an organisation. In the case of an organisation, such as a company or small business, the performance of the organisation as a whole, or of a team or department within it, depends on the performance of the individuals who comprise the organisation, team or department. It only takes one individual to be performing less than optimally for the whole team, department and organisation to be adversely affected. Similarly, the performance of a sports team depends on the performance of the individual team members and its managerial personnel.


When applied to groups or businesses this MEM procedure can be particularly effective when combined with the relationships procedure, which addresses any relationship issues between individuals and between individuals and management, departments or teams.




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