by Sean Redmond


Healing denotes wholeness, which is one meaning of the Old English (and earlier) roots of the modern word ‘healing’ and the sense in which I use the word in my work, rather than in the sense of something being ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’ in you and in need of fixing. There’s nothing wrong or broken in you and every one of your life experiences is a unique part of who you are and holds potential for your growth and a deepening awareness of your self and of your truth.


To be whole requires us to know and include all of our self and that entails becoming aware of those aspects of ourselves that we’ve rejected, disowned, denied, hidden away or shut off from our everyday conscious awareness, whether through guilt, shame, fear, awe or otherwise. Those parts of us can be either what we consider ‘dark’ or ‘light’, both our demonic and our angelic traits, and they lie buried in our shadow self.


Facing these disowned parts of ourselves can seem like a frightening prospect and, over time, this leads most of us to end up living as a mere fraction of our total potential self. However, these are all parts of us even though we may have labelled them as ‘bad’, ‘undesirable’ or ‘unachievable’, and they only seem to be ‘other’ or separate from us because we’ve been disconnected from them for so long and we project them outwards through our inability to hold them within us.


When we bring these aspects of ourselves back into our conscious awareness we learn to welcome them, warts and all, and take back ownership of them in the knowledge that although they belong to us and add richness and depth to our life and experiences, they’re not the ‘be all and end all’ of who we are. We’re much more than the sum of our parts.


Fear of healing can therefore be a fear of facing the parts of us that we’ve buried deep within our psyche and which we hoped would go away and not bother us any more. The truth, however, is that they never do go away or stop bothering us. In fact the opposite is the case and they have an enormous effect on our life and behaviour, pulling our strings and running our life from the shadows. What we resist persists and these things may be out of sight but they still operate at some level, often even more intensely than if they hadn’t been shut out in the first place.


We’re only adversely affected by things we’re unaware of, so bringing these parts of ourselves out of the shadows and into the light of our conscious awareness stops them from running the show from behind the scenes. When we judge some aspect of ourselves as unwanted it develops a negative emotional ‘charge’ and a vicious circle arises: the more frightening and undesirable it seems, the more we resist it, and the more we resist it the greater its emotional or energetic charge over us, leading to even more strenuous efforts to avoid it.


When we know all that we are – through locating, taking responsibility for, owning and re-integrating the lost, rejected and disembodied aspects of our self – we become whole and authentic, or healed. We no longer live as a mere fraction of who we’re capable of being and we can embody more and more of our total self. This wholeness is also the way into the Self (with a capital ‘S’) as we have to individuate and come to know our personal self before we can truly know the Self, our own part in the Self and its reflection in us and in all other beings and things.


Psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung said: ‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.’


This is the fear of healing that I described above, the fear of the very things that would make us whole again. Using the Mace Energy Method, however, we needn’t be afraid because we can easily, quickly and painlessly access our shadow material and bring it back into our conscious life. During the MEM process our shadow aspects are allowed to be, rather than being denied. They’re given the space to be, in a welcoming and accepting way, without judgement and without denial or rejection. Our disowned elements are welcomed from the shadows into the light of our conscious awareness and in doing so we remove the negative emotional charge that they formerly held over us. We end our resistance to them and allow them to become an integral part of us as we realise that they weren’t something outside of us to be feared or fought but just a disowned aspect of our own self craving our attention and acceptance.


The more shadow material we recover, the more of our innate light we find hidden in the darkness and the more of it we’re then able to shine out into the world. As we reclaim our shadow we take back the power that we unconsciously gave away to the parts of us that we disowned and we free up the energy that we expended in order to hold them in exile. We make peace with our disowned selves, which leads to an experience of peace within us.



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